What Happened to my Home Page?

There has been a small change made to your home page. We have added Clever to the Home Page and bumped off Moodle. If you are looking for Moodle, it can be found on the left sidebar. We also added MCAS Practice Tests on your right. Check it out for some useful resources when you're preparing to take the MCAS Test.

Welcome to the New Student Intranet

We hope that you enjoy the new, fresh look! Here is a rundown of what is going on. The four most useful links are front and center on your new Home Page. You can quickly and easily access Destiny, Moodle, Infinite Campus, and Office 365. At the top of your screen, you can see the red navigation bar. That is going to stay the same no matter what page you are on. This way, you can have quick access to Infinite Campus, your Email, and the Brockton Public Schools Website. On the left side of the screen you can see the side bar. This will stay the same but it will highlight what page you are on. As you can see, "Home" is highlighted indicating that you are on the Home Page. This will change as you go through each of the pages.

Each page on the side bar contains some great resources. We encourage you to use these resources to get extra help or to learn on your own. The Science page, for example, has some helpful links for your science fair project or just some cool pages on the NASA site that you could look at.